Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not just a coincidence.

Today, as I was pretending to be working for about the 9th hour in a row (literally, that isn't an exaggeration), I discovered something. Usually I listen to videos/songs/interviews on Youtube, and then when I get bored with that I'll move onto looking everything and anything up on Wikipedia. Occassionally I'll combine those two activites into one project, and today was one of those occassions.

I was listening to part 7/10 of MST3K's (Mystery Science Theatre 3000) Monster A Go-Go, and I decided that I wanted to find out more about my favorite tv show. So, off I pranced (well, typed- but it was really excited typing) to Wikipedia. I started to read about it, and was enjoying little random facts that I hadn't known previously, when all of the sudden..... I made the discovery. Are you ready?

MST3K made it's first television appearance on Thanksgiving Day- November 24, 1988.

November 24, 1988 was my first birthday.

Coincidence? Absolutely not. It was planned, I know it. MST3K and I shared a first. We are connected. Our lives are intertwined. I think I've known it all along, deep down. But it was just nice to see it written out like that.

I realize this entry might be confusing to those of you who've never heard of MST3K.... if that's the case, I suggest you look it up and un-confuse yourselves. You'll thank me.

Also, in celebration of this wonderful day of discovery and our shared birthday, feel free to present me with MST3K volumes/episodes in the form of DVDs before, during, or after November 24th. I already own "This Island Earth". Thank you.

PS- I thought I was going to have to take my dad to the hospital just barely. He sold his plasma today, and he took off the bandage they put on, and blood started seeping everywhere. Literally. He would take off the toilet paper he had on top of the place where they inserted the needle, and his arm would be covered with blood in seconds. I was typing this very entry when he asked if I could get him a bandaid, and after I looked up and saw what was happening I ran to the closet and frantically threw all of our medical supplies around trying to find some gauze and some of that stick-to-itself medical bandaging. Then all the sudden, he said "I'm fine, I'm fine" so I looked over and the bleeding had stopped. Completely. WOW that was terrifying. Sorry this blog ended up being a lot longer than planned. Blame my dad. And the plasma center.


Just Me said...

I don't believe that the MST3K first and your first birthday are a coincidence. It was meant to be. We should totally find some of those and have another movie night. With MST3K, not the Unlocked Window, aka the Nurse Strangler.
P.S. I'm glad that dad is still with us. That bleeding father of ours..... (get it? hahaha!)

Emily Maher said...

I do. Ha ha. You clever gal.


Never again will I let you make me watch that.